Saturday, 28 May 2016

Misogyny 5

That women are attracted to the "bad boy" is well known. And is well known also that such a man is not a man who the women want a relationship with. In words, it's in this way; but in reality, the bad boy is always the first choice. We can't blame them: they are not bad, they are just drawn that way.

Making it short, it's all genetic. Due to her genes, the woman looks for the strongest male to mate and have offsprings with. Simple like that. And apparently it's unavoidable. As unavoidable is the following internal struggle, since on one hand the woman's body craves for the aggressive alpha male (often fitted with very negative features), while her mind longs for a man able to give her stability and peace of mind (often a trait of men completely lacking any sexual attractiveness).
How does the woman balance those conflicting desires? Simple: she chooses the bad boy and works on changing him. Because the strongest woman's ability is self-delusion. There's no other living creature who is abler than the woman in self-delusion. So she starts her plan to change the designated victim, who often is not the victim at all. Sure, sometimes it happens exactly like in the comic at the top of this page, where the man is gradually changed, step by step, till to become something completely unattractive to the woman. But, at least in my experience, it's just a small percentage of the cases, since such a bad boy wasn't so bad in the end. More often than not, the woman ends up hitting the wall, unable to handle who she believe the victim and was instead an evil genius who manipulated her. But as already said, the woman delude herself: she needs to delude herself, she must delude herself to keep a semblance (in her mind) of control on her own life. So she let him decive her, till enough is enough and between a "fuck you" and "bastard" she walks out. Bastard? Why? I never lied to you: you wanted to see thing differently than they were. But that's it: couldn't admit her inanity the woman needs to blame on somebody else her own responsibilities. Probably this is part of feminine genes too.
But I have to say that women are really able to change us. For sure not in the model of man that they desire so badly, because women have no clue of what they really desire, as mobile as a feather in the wind they are. But for sure, they are able to change us in... something worse.

 È sempre misero
chi a lei s'affida,
chi le confida
mal cauto il cuore!

(Always miserable is 
who trust her
who confides his
own heart to her!)

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