Friday, 6 May 2016


Who of you have no regrets? A regret for a love slipped through our fingers, a regret for the childish funny faces of a son already grown up, a regret for a good action we could have done or for a sweet word we were not capable of saying. Who of you hasn't got at least a little regret? A little regret for the already consumed happy moments, a little regret for all that we burnt as a holocaust to vanity, a little regret for all that may have been but that the destiny ruled shouldn't. Who of you have no regrets at all? If you have no regrets at all in your life than you're really lucky persons, able to live only in the present, or you're cursed, doomed to run after the future, or you're an egotist and you've taken all that you could and you exchanged the dissatisfaction with the regret.
Where there's memory cannot be missing regret, blended with a melancholic happiness and the awareness that cannot be beauty which, sooner or later, won't get lost.

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