Thursday, 7 July 2016

Beautiful soul

I don't believe anymore to the soul mate's story. Well, I don't believe that it's still true nowadays. It was true in the past for sure, but with all the idiocies people let fill their heads, it cannot be true anymore. It seems to me that the elective affinities are slowly getting lost, too. Simply because we no more heed to our soul's call. So, to feel comfortable with a person, to feel so sure that you drop your defences, become: "I don't think I'm myself when I'm with you". What we can really expect to meet is no more the soul mate, but just another soul who's tired of searching, searching somebody who keeps hiding. A soul who, a bit for resignation and a bit because we deeply know that such a search is not worth the struggle that requires, will decide to stay with us and to put in the relationship the will to make it work. Because to start anew again would be too much. But if I am wrong, if my soul mate really exists, I'm sure that she is somewhere out there, pushing a pull door.

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