Friday, 2 January 2015

Raving Metropolis 3

The Demon called the Pale Lords' Man. “It's time to me to grow”, the Demon said. “Make the ground ready for my growth.” And the Pale Lords' Man left to do it abiding with the Demons request. The Mighty of other nations were coaxed with promises of future power if they brought their wealth to the Metropolis; men of genius who were born in other lands were lured with great rewards to put their genius at the Metropolis service. Riches and inventiveness were drained from the near nations. New labour masses were deported to the Metropolis: attracted by the promise of a better life, they ended up in a place they couldn't leave. And the Demon began to build a shell to grow in.
Metallic arms erupted from the ground, trying to grab the sky. New excrescences outgrew from the dying land, hyperplasias shining in the sun, frigid shapes swallowing every day new servants, sent to satiate the Demon. Worn out faces, blank eyes, confused minds and hardened hearts: there was nothing else in the Metropolis streets. Fake laughs, voice made thick by the alcohol, animal copulas were all the Demon's servants could experiencing during their life no-life. The spirit eroded and consumed, day by day till the most inner itself, people let themselves to die, disappeared, troubled they went back to their homelands, leaving room for new modern slaves.
In the underground, the Demon laughed, a demented and evil cachinnation, starting to expand its body towards the sky, filling progressively all the new shells which grew more and more in high. The men perceived its presence, but they didn't understand what it was. More and more people withdrew in themselves, distanced themselves from other people, spending all their free time inside accommodations more similar to dens than to man homes. The Demon's influence, step by step, deprived the men of their ability to communicate, to manifest their sentiments. Penned in ghettos nobody talked anymore to who had different origins, to who was of a different look, to who spoke a different tongue even if saying the same things. Any interest was slowly consumed and was lost, leaving room just for the most animal-like instincts and the mechanical routine the Pale Lords imposed: eat, work, sleep, repeat. Less and lesser cared about the place they lived in and of who lived with them. The filth accumulated on the roads: who was paid to pick it up was sacrificed to the Demon and replaced with predators more apt to snatch money from people, because the Demon growth requested great expenses. Disagreements and grudges simmered under the surface: the Pale lords enacted laws to forbid the expression of people own feelings. Life in the Metropolis became harder: the wages were decreased so that employers could hire more labourers. Profits were not enough: the youth were persuaded to work for no money but just to gain experience, an experience useless the very next day. The worst perversions established among people: drugs, alcohol, violences and sex with children and the authorities turned in an other direction, because all of it made the Demon stronger.
The Demon laughed and now its laugh didn't resounded just in the tunnels piercing the Metropolis underground. Now it was audible even in the air, taken far from the wind. The pale Lords' Man, brought to distraction by the Demon, ruled that the Metropolis had to grow even more, to climb to the sky and cover all the lands. Made greed by the Demon, he promised to the Mighty of other nations the land and his own people's children. The Mighty came, bought the most beautiful places of the Metropolis, then they turned their desire to everything their eyes fell upon. The Pale Lords' Man ruled that the Metropolis had to be rid of any individual not useful to the aim, that the servants had to live out of the city's boundaries where they worked, so as to leave it just for the rich and powerful people of the Earth. “Chased away all the useless ones”, the Demon said. “Deport them to the neglected lands under the grey northern skies. Build homes for my servants out of my sight, and dig a tunnel to link their houses with the building sites to let them coming everyday to serve me, crawling like the worms they are. And when the time will be ripe I will grow along that tunnel, to creep up on them in their own homes and to devour their children's heart and soul while they sleep in their beds.”

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