Saturday, 13 August 2016

Lives of crystal 4

In Japan, when an object made of ceramic breaks, they repair it using melted gold to join the piece together once again. They create so artistically unique objects because the cracks randomness  makes the crossing of golden lines one and only. The practice comes from the idea that from the imperfection and a wound something with a higher aesthetic and interior perfection can be born. For everything which has a story is made more beautiful by it.
It would be marvelous if somebody could do the same with us: filling of melted gold or silver the cracks widening on the surface of our soul, and so fixing together its parts, filling the gaps made by what we lost or was stolen of ourselves, making us more beautiful and stronger. We would tell our story to everyone who looks at us without using words and we would be finally proud of our scars.

Dedicated to Silvia, to ask forgiveness and tell that I miss her.

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