Saturday, 20 August 2016

Scared of love

The truth? The truth is that you all are scared of love and keep hiding behind ridiculous excuses. I have to focus on my career first. We can't be fixed; we should break up. I need freedom and space. 
But you know what? You are right. You are right to ask for wholehearted love while refusing to give all your heart. Because if you do it you will be shred in pieces, you will be destroyed. If you put another person before you that person will take everything away from you: you will be forced to give up all the things you like and your plans, you will have to forsake yourselves. And all in all, you are comfortable as you are. Free to go where you wish when you want, free from obligations to go back home by night because someone is waiting for you, free from any constraints. And you like that, isn't it?

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