Friday, 25 September 2015

Misogyny 3

-What are you saying? That we are the same? No way! Tell us one of these defects.
-You're not interested in much more that to find a good looking man. If a man is not physically attractive you discard him without appeal. You don't even want to get to know him. And you don't need to get a man laid to know him a bit. It would suffice to make him at easy. But who knows why, are just the handsome men, or those with a dominant character, the ones you speak to. So many words about the good qualities you look for in a man, but in the end is something really different you find attractive.
-But if I don't like a man I can't help with that. Must be the chemistry for me.
-Puah! That's not chemistry. That's getting horny! You need to get wet but you don't want to admit it and you invoke the chemistry. The chemistry is something different: it's what makes women to fall in love with men they wouldn't find attractive differently.
"Don't stare at me in such a way. And don't get offended, you know I'm right. Just think at how easily you got burned in so many relationships. In those relationships you got in because of the "chemistry". You're moths attracted to flame.

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