Monday, 23 November 2015

A Journey To Iceland

Three little nigger boys walking in the zoo airport;
A big bear hugged one forgot his passport, and then there were two.

Two little nigger boys sitting in the sun aeroplane;

Wait a moment: are three again.
No, he wasn't allowed on the aeroplane, and then there were two again.

After all night spent in the airport "sleeping rough", you can't realise only at the security point that you have forgotten your passport. But it happened. So one of us (guess who) rushed back to London. Mission impossible. Slightly impossible. He missed the flight by some ten minutes, no more, and wasn't allowed to embark even though the aeroplane was half an hour late. "I'm so sorry for your friend", a hostess said to us. Be positive, people keep telling me, so I replied: "Looking at the positive part, there's more room for us", who were sharing three seats in two. And so the journey to Iceland began.

Iceland, a land with more sheep than people.

Where Winter is not as cold as at my home place, but you need the right gear to wear anyway if you don't like freezing.

Driving in Iceland is simple: the few roads are straight. Something the English are not capable of dealing with despite all the Romans' attempts to teach them the usefulness of the straight line. The road signals are even fewer than the roads and very small. Till you come across one of these... and then you are lost. 

The bare beauty of this land is stunning...

...but apparently, not everybody is able to appreciate it
and someone prefers sleeping.
It looks like, but it's not kidnapping, trust me.

A journey all along the South coast, from West...

...going so close to the glacier we could smell it... East.

Okay. I've arrived. Leave me here.
You can go back without me.

I came back this time...

...driving again from East to West...

...passing by the locals...

...some of them really witty
(ask a German what GUMMI means)...

...till Reykjavik and then beyond,
heading off W-NW...

...until the west peninsula with its lighthouses.

The lighthouses have been a bit disappointing:
I expected them much taller and impressive.
But you can't have everything.

Okay! This has been the first sample.
More details will follow (soon?).


  1. che emozione rivedere questo dopo quasi due mesi....che meraviglia. hai dimenticato di quando abbiamo chiesto informazioni ad una pecora ed ha risposto. Gli islandesi sono i piu' gentili d'europa e' vero. Che ne e' stato dell'ostaggio?

  2. Cerca "L'uomo che sussurrava alle pecore" per l'episodio che menzioni. La sorte dell'ostaggio verra' rivelata nelle prossime puntate.