Thursday, 12 November 2015

The useless people

The only people you can relay on are those you have decided to use. For sure not those you're willing for. From those you will only receive deception and falsity, indifference when in the need and hypocrisy. But if you deceit them, if you induce them in doing what you want and then dispose of them like worn out tools, in such a case they will be there for you again, crawling to lick the heel of your shoes and giving you the satisfaction to hit them with another kick just for the pleasure to do it. Using the neighbour is so common for people as it is to be used that nobody is any more capable to understand who would give for nothing in return. And for fear to be used they will escape such a person, falling inevitably in the arms of who see them only as objects. To receive something without being asked for an exchange frustrates them so much that for sure they will turn on who wanted just to help them. These are the pearls before swine, a caress to a rabid dog which will bite you because it can't do differently. And like a rabid dog must be destroyed, so you must get rid of the useless people.

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