Wednesday, 3 September 2014

3. To do list

21st of August, London

It's growing cold by night. Had to leave the bed to wear pajamas. Again grey water washing my hands at work. When the tube arrived this morning, its lights lighted up a particulate cloud suspended in the air. All stuff we breathe.
What we breahe was Sandra's obsession lately. She complained about the new air refiners at the laboratory. Couldn't work. She had 3 eye infections in few months, indeed. Asked why she didn't have them changed. "They don't know", she answered. "They can't know."
~ ~ ~
Managers inspection. Everything seems okay. Happy. Seeming is enough. Everything is temporary in this city, nothing is made for last, so it doesn't really matter. Sublimated precariousness. Concept applied to people too. I'm waiting for the weekend. By now, I live awaiting the weekend. But there was a time when I work Monday-Saturday and Sunday awaited Monday again. I had passion for my job. I wonder how it has been taken away from me...
~ ~ ~
To do list:
-calling my son to arrange his visit
-sending money to my wife
-printing tickets and map of Calais
-sending holiday forms to the office
-packing luggage
-preparing documents for Tuesday medical check
Things to do between today and tomorrow. Forgot one thing... is it important?
~ ~ ~
Been to Blackfriars and done all the rest. Just luggage remains. And calling my son. Procrastination. Clicked the link, in the end. Russian website, in Cyrillic characters. Transleted with Google. It appeared an online game on the WWII. It's an internet service society. Instructions in the email are a route to follow. Looks like uo and down among the pages. Like a combination. I'll try it tomorrow, now I'm too tired. Procrastination.

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