Thursday, 24 December 2015


Guilty, isn't? Is this your judgement? You have judged me guilty, all of you. And you have judged me in contumacy. You probably didn't even waste time in a show trial, so predictable the outcome was. Even without agreeing upon the verdict, you have all taken the same decision. Which my guilt exactly is I still don't know, if I had a way to put thing right you refused to tell me. But I bear Cain's stigma, that you branded on me, not on my forehead but on my heart. And whichever circumstance will happen, whichever decision will be taken, is a direct consequence of my fault because in your judgement it must be so. Not even your love can shelter me from your sentence. And being you not able to stare in my eyes, you leave me alone to watch after myself and face the punishment.
                                                         All of you...

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