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The Big Fraud of Gender Theory - Show me your friends...

...and I tell you who you are.

Ask supporters of Gender Theory if they know where the theory itself has its roots. I strongly doubt they have a clue. For you need to go back to 1935 when Alfred Kinsey delivered a lecture at Indiana University wherein he asserted that sex had no boundaries, all legal prohibition or social restraint are arbitrary and artificial and therefore morally untenable: for only differences in nature could be legitimately recognized by legal and social taboos. In the lecture he attacked the "widespread ignorance of sexual structure and physiology" and promoted his view that "delayed marriage" (that is, delayed sexual experience) is psychologically harmful. Soon the sexual revolutionaries made of Kinsey their standard bearer and he obtained research funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, publishing Sexual Behaviour in Human Male in 1948, followed in 1953 by Sexual Behaviour in Human Female. Both publications became best-seller and later known as Kinsey Report. 
Kinsey's program aimed to free people of the sexual restraint that he considered the cause of all their miseries. First, by means of "extensive surveys", he established that the sexual behaviour of Americans was very different from what it was supposed to be according to traditional morality, stating that 37% of American males had had homosexual experiences leading to orgasm. Then that all forms of sexuality lie on a spectrum rather than existing as separate. Therefore, he said, our sexual morality must be based not upon a striving towards goodness, towards an ideal, but upon what actually happens here and now. Otherwise we are merely chasing chimeras. That is, all sexual activities are equal. Heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, paedophilia, necrophilia, incest: all of them are equal.
Kinsey's research is controversial in the scientific communities. Interviews were made with volunteers, which were not representative of the general population, he focused on homosexuality three times more than on heterosexuality and presented data about men who had had experience with children like collected from many different sources when instead all of them came from a single paedophile. Practically he skewed his survey.
But who was Alfred Kinsey? What kind of man was he? He was bisexual, he and his wife agreed that both could sleep with other people as well as with each other, and he himself slept with other men, including a student of his. During his research he encouraged his staff to engaged in a wide range of sexual activities, as being necessary to gain the confidence of his research subjects. He filmed 2000 men masturbating to ejaculation, ostensibly to discover how far the could project their semen, and his collection of sexual material from all around the world, including material about children, brought him to the attention of US Customs when they sized some pornographic films on 1956, but he died before this matter was resolved legally. And last but not least, since a young man, he used to insert objects into his urethra: initially drinking straws, before moving on pipe cleaners, pencils and finally toothbrushes, allegedly to punish himself for having homoerotic feelings, which would have been rather in contrast with the aim of his life work and believes. Inserting toothbrushes continued throughout his all adult life, and when he became accustomed to the pain of urethral insertions he circumcised himself without anaesthesia.
I wouldn't be surprise to find out that Kinsey used the same toothbrush for urethral insertions and for brushing his teeth.

The second pillar of gender theory, as unknown to its supporters as Kinsley is, was John Money, a psychologist and sexologist, who introduced most of the terms used nowadays talking about gender and who asserted that gender comes as an imposition of society. Money became, needless to say, a hero of radical feminists who wished to claim that female "sex roles" had been imposed upon women arbitrarily by society. He is also and most of all famous for asserting the plasticity of what he had termed "gender identity" and the possibility for men and women to swap between genders and sex and what's in between. His fame came from the case of David Reimer, a boy whose penis had been partially removed during a botched circumcision. Money convinced David's parents that removing totally what remained of the penis and bringing the boy up as a girl would have put everything right. "For what is a boy but a girl who are given gun toys to play with?" For many years the case was described as an unqualified success, fooling for long time the scientific and journalist world and hiding the psychological troubles the boy/girl grew up with, ended with his suicide. As many other similar cases tried or accomplished with.
Money was a self-proclaimed "missionary of sex", who advocated all sex, all the time. He was critical on debates on sexual perversion/deviation. Especially on paedophilia he asserted that it was not a behavioural disorder and that only those in a state of "moralistic ignorance would condemn it". Rather, he took the position that heterosexuality is another example of societal and therefore a superficial, ideological concept.

What is left but personal whim in the determination of sexual conduct? The work of dissolving the boundaries continues, never satisfied that it has gone quite too far enough - as if to accept one limitation or taboo would be to admit the legitimacy of all.
(Theodore Dalrymple)

For more information about the topic you can read Theodore Dalrymple's essay All sex, all the times.

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