Thursday, 17 December 2015

Showing yourself completely naked

Be careful. You tell too much about yourself on your blog. Are not you worried that somebody could use it to hurt you?

How could they use it? What could they do me? They guilt complex that other people can inflict is something I have already experimented, while I live with the self inflicted one since a long time. Failure is a taste that I know even too well, and I had to deal with who wanted only to use me and left me into the troubles. The staggering state and the confusion felt when you lose control of your life I can tell you are exactly the same of when somebody punches you in the face. I still remember that piercing pain into the chest when you find out that who you love has cheated on you, and I remember too how it spreads to undermine your will. The uselessness and that feeling which grasps you when you realize that whichever action you undertake the events of your life will go their own way to your own detriment, are my old friends. And the loneliness, that sensation of being completely isolated from any other human being, for there's nobody to share thoughts and feelings with, is already biting at my heart, to me who has never ever spent a single day really alone till today.

So, tell me: what do you think people could do me worse than this even if I show myself completely naked?

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