Wednesday, 30 December 2015


I went to Primark this morning, to buy some pants. Apparently the medium size pants for men is the most stolen item in East Ham, since I was not able to find two whole packages of the same brand. Once back home I realized the size was wrong, so in the afternoon I went back to the shop. I approached a member of the staff, a young Indian woman.
-Excuse me-, I said.

-Hello!- she answered with a smile. -How can I help you?
-I need to change this underwear.
-Uh...? Why?
The temptation was too strong, so I said: -The size is small. I'm too well endowed.
She took a moment to understand, then a coquettish smile appeared on her face.  
-That's interesting-, she said.
Pretending to not understand I said: -Sorry..? Ehr... Oh! I'm gay, sorry.
Her smile disappeared. -Really?
Then was my turn to smile. -I'm kidding!
-Ah!- she exclaimed. -You aren't gay.
-I'm not well endowed.
Her puzzled expression, the deep confusion she fell in was better than a shag.

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