Saturday, 26 December 2015

Misogyny 4

Every woman wants to be considered special by her man, for in the heart of her heart she believes to be so. The truth is there are very few special women out there. And the man who had the fortune, or the misfortune, to have such a woman, will find all the other women tasteless. Or the taste will disappear as soon as the newness will be consumed. Still remain that physiologic desire, the necessity of a skin to skin contact, the innate lust of the male, placing the man in a condition of inferiority to the woman who doesn't prevail due to her own innate deficiency. And I don't know if to laugh or to cry at the thought of this new gender philosophy, which wants all of us alike and indiscernible, nor male nor female, which will come to steal that little power women have on men. But all in all, it's exactly what you women want. Or that somebody let you believe you want. Amen.

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